Tammie Sampedro

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Email: info@acpconsultantsllc.com

As founder of ACP Consultants, LLC, I am committed to providing you with the personalized care and service you require when making life changing decisions for your loved ones. Aside from my many years of experience in the healthcare field, I am also a Licensed Nurse who specializes in Palliative/HomeHealth/Hospice; an RCFE Certified Administrator;  a Licensed Life & Health Insurance agent with focus on Medicare; a Geriatric Case Manager Associate; and a BA Health Administration student. In addition to my certifications, I worked as a Community Relations Director in Assisted Living for the past 4 years.

My extensive experience in the field of geriatrics is both personal and professional so I understand the issues facing families when making certain decisions for their loved ones. As a certified RCFE Administrator, Nurse, and Community Relations Director who has worked with Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, In-Homecare, and Assisted Living Facilities, I will answer all of your questions, and guide you through the process by joining your journey and making sure you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

My expertise is helping families by understanding their needs and getting the most needed and vital documents organized so that no matter what happens, they are prepared. This, along with the pleasure of working with these families, are the main reasons ACP Consultants, LLC was founded. You have ACP Consultants’ promise that we will do our very best to meet our clients’ needs!

Tammie’s Education and Experience

Entrepreneur, Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Life, Accidental & Health Insurance Agent, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Geriatric Case Manager (Student), Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Administrator Certified, Hospice, Home Health, Senior Living, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support  (ACLS), Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers


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Senior Care Consultations, Placement Services, and Medicare Solutions
Assisted Living communities widely vary in care and comfort. Placing a loved one can be a time consuming task, especially when you’re in a time of crisis.

Whether the option is placement or in-home care, ACP Consultants is committed to helping family members navigate the complex senior living industry. We work directly with families to find the best match for their loved ones in an assisted living environment, as well as introduce families to proven in-home care agencies. Read More

Secure Vital Document Storage
At ACP Consultants, LLC we make it possible for you and or your loved ones to access your medical, financial, and most vital documents anytime from anywhere using a computer or smart phone.

Your account is protected by a unique User ID and password combination that you create. All of your information is stored in A HIGHLY SECURED,  HIPAA compliant, dedicated server, with an encrypted format so no one else can see it. This a higher level of document security unlike the Cloud or Drop Box. ACP Consultants has obtained BANK LEVEL security protection. ACP Consultants takes security as serious as you do. Read More

Preferred Partner Service Referrals
At ACP Consultants, our client’s needs are of utmost importance. Ensuring that they receive the best service is our primary goal. In order to make sure of this, ACP Consultants will assess a client’s needs and will make professional referrals to outside resources as needed.

Through ACP Consultants’ Preferred Partners, we will assist in growing a professional referral network base by delivering great value, sharing our talents, and making our partners proud to ask “whom else do you know that we could help?” Read More

“Care For College Students” Program
Now visiting and applying for college just got easier! Have your vital school documents uploaded into your secure account & app and have them all at your fingertips 24/7. Never worry about forgetting or losing them again. As long as there is access to the internet, YOU have access to ALL your documents.

ACP will help get the student’s much needed vital documents (transcripts, recommendation letters, SATs, award letters, identification) organized and maintained into a secure account at half the cost for AS LONG AS THEY ARE A STUDENT. Read More


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Derya Guven
Director, International Nurses Association (INA)

It is my pleasure to recommend Tammie Sampedro. As the founder of a business consulting firm, I am selective when it comes to endorsements. These days, it is rare to find people who are both skilled and trustworthy. And, in the event you find someone skilled and trustworthy, even fewer still understand the importance of engagement: to wit, showing up on time, returning phone calls, emails, etc. Tammie is an outstanding professional in her field. She is both passionate and proficient in her field. It is my pleasure to recommend Tammie and her company to clients of The Blue Elevator™ Group.

 Blue Elevator

Ken Moll
Blue Elevator

I have been working with Tammie for a little over a year now and I am so blessed to know such a person who is so passionate about what they do. She is in it to help people and she is so selfless in what she does. I truly admire Tammie for always putting her clients first above anything. I look forward in the future and what our partnership will bring us in the future.

Jay Ungos
The Bar Pages

You can’t say enough about the time and effort that Tammie Sampedro and ACP Consultants will do for their clients.
  The take away is that you feel that you are receiving genuine and thoughtful advice.


Anna Kim
Caremore Touch

It has been a great pleasure to work with Tammie. She is very professional at everything she does. She is definitely a person that cares for others and has a passion to help people. I’m looking forward to continue working with Tammie making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Jesse Alvarado
World Financial Group

Our office has had the pleasure of working with Tammie on several different projects and as a consultant for the past few years. Besides being a joy to work with, it is Tammie’s take-charge personality, creative problem solving and dedication to the “CLIENT” has resulted in many successful joint projects. As a licensed nurse combined with her education and training we have been able to implement programs and procedures she has created that have improved the lives of our clients & their families greatly.


Joshua Arce
American Center for the Aging

Tammie has been a networking and referral partner for the past 3 years. As a Financial Advisor I am constantly speaking to my clients about having their Financial/Health affairs in good order for their beneficiaries or caregivers.
  ACP Planning is vital for everybody!  Tammie has a strong compassion for people coupled with a willingness to not rest until she finds the perfect solution to fulfill her client’s needs.  I know that I can refer a client to her and that they are in GREAT hands. 

Jason Willard
LPL Financial