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TheHubMart.com provides you, the merchant, the following benefits:

(1) Cross Marketing "Merchant to Merchant" B2B

(2) Cross Marketing Customer Bases, B2C

(3) Pollination of the Community via Identity Branding, Local and Regional

(4) Virtual Merchant Lead Service

(5) TheHubMart.com Private Capital Group (TBD)

(6) Medical Sector Consumer Financing

(7) Small Business Capital Loan, Min 100K, incl. Start Ups
"Plug In and Profit" with us today!

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Coming Soon! . . . The Smart Card!!!

Coming Soon - Digital, Payroll and HR

Coming Soon, Data Breach and Compliance

Digital Marketing

Current Corporate Clients


Payment Processing

Presently Seeking Replacement Relationship

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Prescription Drugs

Solar Energy
Energy Bills are Rising but you can..."OWN the SWITCH"

Web/Graphic Design/PR

Wine Club

Coming Soon - World Ventures

EZ Way Broadcasting